Why ‘Right Brain'?


Most managers in most enterprises will
perform better and have more fun
if they can improve their understanding and skills in the
emotional, personal, human
aspects of their work.
The understanding can be taught; the skills can be developed.
We have been doing it for years. (See people)


Roger Sperry won the Nobel Prize in 1981 for his work on what-happens-where-in- the-brain. Scientists have since developed more sophisticated models, and technology permits more subtle analysis. Still...

The left brain is analytical, logical, precise and time-sensitive. The right brain is
dreamier, it processes things in a holistic way…is more emotional…

(Rita Carter, “Mapping the Mind”, 1998)

This idea flows into “emotional intelligence”, the management of talent, diversity and innovation, various psychometric tools and counselling techniques, education design, stress reduction, team leadership, systems thinking, change management…

When you exercise your right brain you are not polluting or corrupting your left brain; you can exercise empathy and reason at the same time. Right Brain Training will help you fulfil that potential.

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