My voice is weak
Power in your platform voice is not merely a question of volume. Shout, and the
air comes out faster, so the decibels rise. A good presenter rarely shouts.
Projection fills the room with sound. Don't squeeze the air out of your lungs,
push it with your diaphragm. Open your mouth wider to produce resonance.
Exercise: Lie flat on your back, open wide, rest fingers on tummy, and say "ho
HO ho…ha HA ha…he HE he". Try to reach the ceiling without shouting.
Passion produces vocal intensity. Choose somebody in the back row and show
him you really mean what you say; your voice will carry to everybody.
Exercise: Place your teddy bear 5 metres away. Talk passionately about
something that makes you joyful, frightened or angry. Now try at 8 metres…
Pitch is the musical term for frequency - high and low notes. You will sound
better and brighter if you vary the pitch, in accordance with your meaning.
Exercise: Recite days of the week or months of the year, indicating by ups and
downs which ones cheer you up and which ones get you down.
Pauses show you are in control. Break your speech up…into little groups of
words…so the meaning of each group…has time to sink in.
Exercise: Take a text and mark the word/idea groups. Now read it out in a
colourless voice, exaggerating the pauses. How much meaning can you add?
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