I don't make much personal impact
Impact doesn't come from spectacular effects, or polished performance
Take your time. Walk on, find a good spot, take a breath, look around and smile,
balance yourself and breath out, breath in and…
Transmit enthusiasm. If it's good news you're giving, be happy and let it show.
If it's bad, look determined rather than defeated.
Vary the visual frame. Here I stand to point at the screen; here when only I am
the focus; here when I project at the decision makers in the third row.
Establish your credentials. Your audience has no time for stupid or dishonest
presenters. Send a signal saying:
This presenter is competent and honest:

he knows what he is talking about and

he will keep the promises he makes.
Be a person. Try for a perfect performance, and you will lose audience contact.
Pause and think, look at your notes, laugh at yourself if you slip up.

The world is full of sterile information, slick presentations:

this presenter is a real person who wants to talk to me!

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