I don’t feel in touch with my audience
Rapport comes about through efforts before and during your presentation.
Walk a mile in their shoes. Their knowledge of the subject, their hopes and
fears, their internal relationships, their perception of you and your material…
Say "you" often. In all its forms: "When you meet your customer…"; "Your
money works harder for you if…"; "A family Christmas for you and yours!""
Pick out a few faces. You can't build one-to-one contact with 30 people in 15
minutes. You can build contact with one or two of these:
a friendly, agreeable type in the front row, to give you moral support with his
smiles and nods

a striking figure at the back, whose yellow shirt or bushy moustache will make
you raise your chin and project your voice to him

a decision maker in the middle, so you can check that your message is getting
through to the right place, by observing his facial expression

a slow learner, or somebody whose English is poor: look out for expressions of
confusion and pain, and make adjustments accordingly

Make real eye contact. Talk to a chosen face: look him between the eyes for
7-8 seconds, watch his reactions, move on to the next chosen face…
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