They’ll disagree, I know they will
Look at it from their side, and find ways of making it easy for them to say yes,
hard for them to say no.

Voice their objections for them. Show you understand their point of view,
choose terms to minimise the pain, clear their minds to give you a fair hearing:
"You are temporarily short of resources, and preoccupied with your
reorganisation. Having said that, there are strong reasons…"

Emphasise the common ground. There must be some aspect of your idea
which appeals to your listeners, so make that the main plank in your platform:

"For months now, there has been talk of X/Y/Z. This proposal has a major
subsidiary benefit: it massively reduces the effects of X/Y/Z…"

Lead them through your logic. You studied the situation, identified the
problem, considered options, and chose one. Share that::

"Here is the position…agreed? So this is the decision you face…right? You can
choose from a, b & c…and the best is a mixture of c and a"


Involve them in the solution. They might respond to a battle-cry or a marching
song better than a mere debate:

"Something has to be done, and this is how you can contribute…"

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