Sometimes they don't even provide a CD-reader!
…or ‘the wires are all wrong’, or ‘my laptop’s not compatible’, or …well, nasty
headaches before you even start. Always carry a back-up – your material on a
memory stick, old-fashioned OHP transparencies, or paper printoffs of crucial

Anyway, are you sure you're not too dependent on the technology? Who's
making this presentation, you or your software? Often, modern audio-visual
devices just produce bad presentations more efficiently.

Jesus Christ, Cicero and Lincoln all managed fine without them.
Exercise: An unplugged performance
Imagine your audience sitting cross-legged in a circle around you, in a mud hut
somewhere. You have a sharp stick to scratch things in the clay floor…

All your main themes should be robust enough to survive this treatment; all your
key points clear and memorable to the audience.

Use metaphors, analogies, anecdotes. Make them answer quizzes, sing songs,
play games. Stage puppet shows. Engage their emotions, imaginations and
personalities. Connect.

Now, if you arrive and you can plug straight in, it's a bonus! Try not to switch it on
until you have connected with the people.

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