My visuals lack impact
The eye sends the strongest, clearest signals to your audience's immediate
perception and later memory. So if your visuals are feeble and boring, you will be
seen and remembered as feeble and boring. Shape up!
Make them visual. Pictures and diagrams, not bullet points. If you use words,
support each string with a little sketch or icon. Play with colour and layout.
Make them visible. For the words, 28-point at least. Bold lines, big blocks. High
contrast - black/ blue on white, yellow/ white on blue or dark green.
Make them clear. Be consistent in your use of colours and shapes. When
abroad, check meanings of symbols with a native.
Make them simple. Design your visual to make one point. An audience member
should be able to sketch it on a Post-It from memory.
Make them arresting. Avoid tired old ClipArt! Find images on the web! Scan
kids' drawings into your PC! Leave something to the audience's imagination!
Make them relevant. The unspoken message should be: "I prepared this
especially for you…" Be very careful with borrowed or recycled visuals.
Use them sparingly. The visual memory suffers quickly from overload, and
begins to dump stuff. The less-is-more rule applies to your visual aids.
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