They'll all be looking at me
This is often the beginning of a vicious circle: they're looking at me, and that
makes me nervous, and now they can see how nervous I am, and…
Break the downward spiral by telling yourself:
They can't see how nervous I am. Most of the dramatic symptoms - rapid
heartbeat, trembling, hot/ cold skin - are noticeable only to you. If your first
minute is well rehearsed to keep the wobble out of your voice, you're away to a
flying start.
They want me to succeed. All animals seek pleasant sensations and flee nasty
ones. Your audience is investing time and effort in watching you, and would
prefer the pleasure of your success to the embarrassment and pain of your
failure. Ergo, they are on your side.
I have something to give them. That's what "presentation" means - giving
something to somebody. Then realise that the thing - information, message,
proposal is the real focus of attention, not you. If they are intent on you, it is
because they want what you have to give them.
They're no better than me. Build yourself up by adopting high status body
language: feet a little apart, shoulders back, chin up. Look out at them and
recognise that they too have personal limitations, domestic worries, holes in their
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