I can’t get off to a strong start
Unless you are appearing in a circus or a music-hall, your audience don't want a big fanfare at the start; nor do they want a pre-rehearsed "joke".


Give them a reason for listening: "This is complex, so I've selected the crucial points…"; "You have a decision to make, and this should help you…"; "This is a new angle, so I'd certainly welcome your feedback…".

Let them know they are in good hands: "We'll have time for questions before coffee"; "I'll be posting a synopsis on the website tomorrow"; "I sympathise with your difficulties; I used to be a Customer Engineer myself…";
Warm them up with a grabber:

Make them do something: "Close your eyes…"; "Make a guess…"; "Raise your hand if…"; "Ask your neighbour…"


Show them something arresting: "This is our target: I want to show you how we can…"; "Here's a baby photo: one of your colleagues thirty years ago…"; "


Find a personal entry: "I heard Harry talking about this yesterday…"; "Here's the gossip from Massimo…"; "Poor Sven, you've heard this twice before…"


Get yourself ready:
Rehearse the first 60 seconds over and over, so you don't hesitate or stumble.

Visit the performance space in advance if you can, and get comfortable.

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