Overall View

In this section of our website we offer outlines of many of our courses. They overlap a bit: ideas that come up in a session on ‘influence’ will naturally appear at some stage in a course on ‘presentation’ or ‘negotiation’.

Sometimes a client asks for a series of identical courses – a hundred people in half-a-dozen countries receiving the same set of skills through the same exercises and handouts. Sometimes a course is a one-off. Sometimes a one-off becomes a series once people tell the boss how good it was! In every case, we consult to get a clear idea of the goals, and an understanding of the participants’ hearts and minds.

Typical formats: half-a-day in your company’s meeting room; a day in a conference suite round the corner; 2-3 days in a country training centre. Or…? We love variety.

Group size? Skill development: optimum 6-8 people per trainer. Raising awareness/ boosting team spirit: up to 20 people. Facilitation/ Master of Ceremonies: no top limit.

Everything we do includes learning-by-doing: minimum PowerPoint, optimum practice and constructive criticism/ helpful suggestions.

For more on our teaching style, read our credo.

To view a description of any of our courses, use the dropdown from Portfolio of Courses in the menu on the left.


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