I think they're being less than honest
If you think they’re hiding something, consider:
  • Does your opponent have the same framework of truth and falsehood as
    you? There are great cultural variations on this question. Scandinavians
    are very suspicious of flattery, Russians enjoy complex games of half-deceit,
    many cultures have rules against direct rebuff or contradiction, the
    Irish will often tell you what they think you want to hear…
If you think they’re overstating their case, ask yourself:
  • Is this just an excess of enthusiasm on their side? There is a time when a
    hot selling conversation should change into a cool negotiating
    conversation. Maybe they’re still in the hot phase.
If you still suspect deliberate treachery, follow this sequence:
  • Ask general and detailed questions to which you already know the
    answers and observe carefully: is your opponent being evasive?
  • Invite a confession: “Is there anything at this stage that needs clarifying?
    Anything relevant I might not know?”
  • Express your doubts and the dangers of detection: “One or two things are
    still unclear to me, and I can’t really go ahead until they’re clear...”
  • Offer an escape route: “Let’s go over it again. Maybe I’ll get it this time…”


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