There's a big gap between us and them
OK, you’ve seen the gap and your opponent has presumably seen it too. Now
how do you meet up? Movement is required - movement by both sides.
  • Predict movement. Where is your opponent flexible? Is he planning
    concessions right now? How big might they be? Does he have the power
    to concede or modify the crucial points? If not, who has…?

  • Stimulate movement. Suggest areas where concessions might be
    possible. Offer conditional movements: “If you could find a way to pay for
    the transport, then I could drop the charge for spare parts stock”.

  • Move in new directions. The image is not of two balls rolling towards each
    other along a groove, but of several balls ricocheting around a pool table.
    “What if…?”; “It’s just a thought, but…”; “Have you ever considered…?”

  • Justify your movements. If you just say "OK, I'll come down 15%" it
    sounds cheap and phony: "$20 was my sucker price, because I took you
    for a sucker, so now I'll say $17 instead"... It's better to say "Given your
    good intentions about future business, and since we have recently made
    improvements in our logistics, I'm able to offer a price of $17."


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