I'm working under serious pressure
You make better decisions with the pressure off, so try to find a way to relieve it:
  • Pressure from yourself. Think not: "It can't be done/ I mustn't fail/ my
    opponent wants to crush me", but "We're aiming high/ my chance to shine/
    my opponent has goals of his own".
  • Pressure from the clock. Change focus from task (What can we win or
    lose in this negotiation?"), to process (How is this negotiation running?), to
    win some space for calm reflection: "There are many ideas on the table
    now; I'd like a break to think things through and do a bit of arithmetic."
    How can they refuse?
  • Ambition pressure. Remind yourself of your original purpose, and consider
    what escape routes you have if the negotiation founders. The rules permit
    you to reframe the negotiation: "Perhaps if we go back to the question of
    financing, we can find a more flexible option…"
  • Pressure from your opponent. Make reference to a third party - invoking
    an arbitrator, or a higher authority: "Maybe we should get another opinion
    on this…" Perhaps your opponent doesn't realise! Try saying "Are we
    perhaps moving too fast/ aiming too high/ looking at too few options?"
  • Pressure from your own side. Have an internal negotiation with your boss
    or your colleague, to set limits which you can work with. You have a right
    to reasonable targets and defined responsibilities.


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