I don't know the rules of the game
Yes, it is a game - or perhaps a ritual, with a set of rules that come into play as
soon as somebody says "shall we negotiate?".
Follow these steps:
  1. Decide what you want - realistically
  2. Work out what your opponent probably wants
  3. Ask him what he wants to see if you're right
  4. Modify your targets in the light of his answers
  5. Make a proposal
  6. Invite his counter-proposal and hear him out
  7. Stay friendly and go back to step 4
  8. Go round and round until both sides feel there's a good deal on the
    table, or you've tried everything and just can't make it.
  9. Shake hands and celebrate, or shake hands and walk away.
  10. Remember tomorrow is another day...
Look at me, Mum, I'm negotiating!
Remember there's no such thing as the correct answer in your negotiation.
Sometimes you have to settle for something that's just good enough - exactly as
in poker, chess or soccer.
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