Right-Left Quiz

When you solve a clue in a cryptic crossword, or laugh at a verbal joke, both halves of your brain are engaged.
This quiz exercises both your hemispheres.

An example: 7 D in a W means 7 Days in a Week
Another dozen for you:
  1. A-B & the 40 T 7. S-W & the 7 D
  2. 64 S on a C B 8. 18 H on a G C
  3. The 12 L of H 9. 1 S S for a M...
  4. 366 D in a L Y 10. The 12 D of C
  5. 9 P in the S S 11. The 8-F P of the B
  6. 13 S on the A F 12. 11 P in a S T

You might like the answers to these... or you may have some examples you would like to share.
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